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We at Haqean, Inc provide post-quantum secure solutions. By harnessing true randomness and computer vision, we have developed an industry-agnostic platform (SID-Q) to mitigate the risk of counterfeit products. SID-Q provides end to end supply chain visibility & ensures that product’s authenticity can be verified by consumer.

  • Backed by Luminate- Worlds Largest Accelerator for Optics and Imaging Startups
  • Backed by JioGenNext, Accelerator by Reliance Industries India
  • Finalist at ICT Finalist at ICT Spring Europe & SheLovesTech.

SIDQ’s Protocol ,governs how physical assets are shared securely between all parties in a blockchain transactions.

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What is SID-Q?How is it different?

SID-Q is an Anti Counterfeiting Technology powered by Quantum Randomness,Optics and Image Processing

  • 01 Explain me in Layman's Terms?

    Lets say there are two Identical People, SIDQ Captures their Image including their Fingerprint. If one claims to be the other, We still have a unique unclonable finger print to Verify and Check the Authenticity.

  • Our Imaging Device is deployed at Manufacturer, our Beta Imaging Device Setup can tag 10 Products/Sec, A Consumer with a Smartphone phone and our Lens Attache, can Authenticate by just Taking Pictures of the product.

  • Smartphone with a good resolution camera, doesn't require External Lens



Our Solution is sector Agnostic, the only way to connect physical assets to a Digital Identity, with Major focus on Below Sectors

Document Security

Passport Security,Bank Documents, Art work, Property & Will papers


WHO estimates revenues from fake medicines are $200bn, We can help reduce this numbers.


Electronic Gadgets and Equipments

Physical Assets

Apparels,cosmetics and More!