In a nutshell, personal loan is one of the easiest ways to get access of funds in Malaysia. Almost all banks and financial intuitions offers some sort of personal financing products. This can be fixed , floating interest rates, Islamic or even Conventional personal loans

Loan can be offered to public sector servants or private sectors in Malaysia. Loans to Public sector servants can be much more attractive as it is tied with some sort of salary deduction scheme such as Biro Angkasa and many more. Bank rakyat PF offers one of the most popular personal loans in Malaysia. Currently bank rakyat is focusing more on public sector as compared with private sector.

You will need to be fully employed if you want to qualify for a personal loan. Typically ,loans are for citizens only however foreign banks such as Citibanks , HSBC do offer loans for Permanent Residents residing in Malaysia.  You will need to be least 21 years old. You will need to supply your IC , Salary statement , bank statement and EPF statement. All these can be downloaded online from your banks.

Islamic personal loan offers great ways and flexibility for applicants as they comes with low requirement if you want to settle your loans earlier. Thus usually involves a write in letter 1 month before the loan termination. Conventional loans requires some sort of penalty if you want to settle your loans earlier.

Personal loan is a very important finance products in Malaysia. There are more than 50 personal finance products available in Malaysian market. Thus finding the right product can be challenging sometimes. At we help you find the right loan for yourself at the convenience at the end of your finger tip.  You can sort by requirements or event the best loan that suit yourself.