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KaroBuy is a hyperlocal search platform on a mission to change the very fabric of E-commerce.



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Buyer side in action

Buyer side in action

Benefits of Buyer


Name the product, we got it


Not only do we find the rarest products, we also make them obtainable


All you need to do is tap a few times and your order will be there within the next 3 hours

Seller side in action

Seller side in action

Benefits of Seller

Amplify Visibility

Market your products without paying hefty commissions

Intensify Sales

Enable the local buyers to discover the wide range of your products

Manage Deliveries

Provide hassle free deliveries at your own comfort or with our third-party carriers

How Karobuy works?

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Get delivery/pickup
within 3 hour

Get delivery/pickup within 3 hour
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You find the
products nearby

You find the 
                                products nearby
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We find your seller
within 10 Min.

We find your seller within 10 Min.

Our team

Harsh Bhatia

He is a stern boss, talented dancer and a musician. That is all I know about him as he is too busy working to get us the funds and salary we deserve.

Harsh Bhatia


Yash Rathi

I don't have any paragraph to write here because he requested to write one for him while he is busy babysitting the head of security, Ash. So, I'm just going to give him a bottle of Coca Cola and hope that he forgives me.

Yash Rathi



She likes talking to people but the team talked her into writing their bio for the website. She is a part-time babysitter and motivational speaker of the team. She regrets talking now.

Krittika Singh

HR Executive

Jatin Jindal

Jatin sees what others people can’t, yes he can even see John cena as he has a hawk eye. He sees the world as a problem and himself as a super designer on an adventure to find creative solutions!

Jatin Jindal

UI/UX Designer


He is the ninja of team KaroBuy. Name it and he’ll get it done. He is so efficent & fast that by the time you complete reading this bio, he would have completed all his tasks. Even Jatin can't see him.


Operations Executive