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My Cursor moves
Half-a-Mile every day,
What about Yours?

A Free tool to measure how much you move your mouse/trackpad everyday. Get analytics on Average speed of your cursor, Places on the computer you click the most?, Right clicks & Double clicks?

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We are Cursor Track.

Our favourite Alfred moves his mouse more than the length of 10 Boeing 747's put together every single day to help Batman keep Gotham safe. Sounds insane? It’s not.

An average computer user moves his cursor more than half a mile every single day. This popped a question in our mind: “How many miles did my cursor move today?”. And that’s how Cursor Track was born.

When Shantanu & I first discussed this, it sounded hilarious. To vet it, we talked to people at our office cafeteria. Being frank, everyone laughed at first, but agreed that it sounded cool and would like to try it.

That was enough to convince the makers inside us to get to work. 2 weeks, 10 sleepless nights, loads of coffee and chips later, here we are with Cursor Track to answer the very simple question of “How many miles did my cursor move today?”

A lot of apps currently do it, but mostly for providing companies with insights. We want to make it fun so that all of us can use it. This is just the beginning, we will soon come up with insights and fun games based on this.

But, as is with everything that’s free in the world, we have limited slots. So,request early access as we plan to release the tool only to 25 people each week.

For any questions/ideas/suggestions drop in a note at team@startupjourney.tv. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

With Love from

India's Silicon Valley